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As an indie author on the ebook market, I'm interested in increasing and making good sales figures in Amazon, Google Play, iBooks and the Norwegian online bookstores. This is something I'm provided with and they're presented in an orderly manner in the form of monthly reports and payments from eBokNorden.

Jan Mehlum Indie author


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1. Create account:

Before you begin, make sure that the book is proofread and ready for production. Upload an ePub that have been checked through an EpubChecker. Read through our production tips to make sure you meet all the requirements for completion.


2. Register a new book:

After completing the registration you will be taken to the page to register a new eBook. If you already have an account with us, you can login and click "Self publishing". Go to "NEW BOOK" and register your eBook.

3. Conversion of script:

We convert your script to the correct eBook format and upload it to the current eBook distributors. Price list for file-converting can be found here.


4. Reading sales and financial reports:

Our systems ensure that income is transferred to you automatically. You don't have to do anything. Our reporting systems allows you to controll and analyse how well your books are selling. After your book is uploaded you will receive login information from us.


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